Deere Old Tractors

JD/Killefer disc, complete with tongue and tag $800.


2-furrow, 1-furrow, 2-way plow, JD Syracuse - price range from $350 to $1,200.  Turnip planter $250.

 John Deere rototiller with tag.

$250 CDN    


Racing cutter, all wood. Runners are wider apart. Features a unique design and is a little lower than other cutters.   Asking $800 CDN for this unique cutter.       NEW PRICE

JD walking plows. $650 each

Drag harrows $200, 2 JD sodbusters/packers 3ft and 4ft $275 and $350,

JD No. 50 loader and bucket $450, JD 10ft trail cultivator model CC $300.

 Hay kicker/fluffer $300 


John Deere Double Disc, 10' on wheels  -  $800 CDN     SOLD